Organic Farm EmblemThe project “ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020” provides for the activation of a large free-range organic chicken farm, grown without stress and in application of the most modern techniques in the field of poultry production.

The concept of organic farming of animals is more than ever a modern idea in the food production chain as it is the conceptual fusion of wellness in animal growth and quality of the meat produced.

Raising chickens in cramped spaces, locked in cages inside sheds, fed with products that determine their premature growth and then sent to the slaughter line, is the practice pursued by those who put in place a chain management of chicken breeding.
The animal is subjected to an incredible level of stress and the quality of meat is inevitably affected by the lack of a natural development cycle, as it contains a disproportionate – albeit tolerated at the legislative level – series of substances that accelerate their development.

The free-range organic chicken farm designed by “ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020” is far from such a concept of enterprise, as it assumes that the main focus should not be diverted from nature and respect for the animal world.
This becomes a priority when designing a farm of 15,000 chickens in an open area of 30,000 square meters.

Organic Chickens

Raising chickens means recreating a habitat suitable to their needs, giving them the appropriate space in which to live and socialize with other animals; where a controlled and diversified feeding must support their growth and development, and not be just a method applied without respect and intended only for their rapid growth.
This not only gives value to the quality of breeding, but makes the meat of the reared animal very valuable.
A method of raising chickens as that planned by “ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020” requires full compliance with European legislation: natural food, a number of animals to rear in relation to the area available, the breeding of native breeds, a balanced diet.

The fact to be able to boast of a production of organic chickens necessarily includes the ban on feeding them with growth stimulators, animal byproducts, genetically modified organisms and synthetic vitamins.

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