Project ImageECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020” has an underlying concept that determines the basis of the new agricultural culture: the GREEN FARM.

We have been witnessing for decades now a speculative and improper management of agriculture, dictated by the global push to achieve ever more impressive production levels, omitting or refraining from putting our eyes on the effects that may result from the unscrupulous use of harmful products on land and crops.

The green farm has been underestimated or even snubbed so far, as it was not considered an appropriate response to production needs.

Only after a long and slow period of destruction of the environment, nature and agriculture, the idea of a new formula in the agricultural production begins to emerge.

This does not mean a return to the origins, but a modern concept that determines a close alliance between environmental protection and eco-sustainable production.

The environmental education and respect for nature are thus the focal points of the Green Farm designed with the “ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020”: the need to conceive the environment as the main character is the formula we can use to develop a sustainable agricultural production.

“ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020” has been awarded by the European Commission because of this formula, where the green farm is an adequate response to agricultural production with due attention given to nature.
Developing a culture of respect for the environment and human health starts from the awareness of being able to manage the future by changing the lifestyle, eliminating waste, reducing consumption and implementing initiatives and conscious, responsible choices.

This is why the project includes a zero impact production, with a biomass-fueled CHP to produce the electricity needed to a company. The innovation stems from the failure to release into the atmosphere the CO2 produced by the pellet combustion, as it is conveyed in the tubes of the algae production system. Moreover, part of the energy produced by the CHP is used to feed the plant for the breeding of chicks.

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