Vista ProgettoECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020” is an under construction project of Società Agricola Serenissima s.s., VAT number 04808400289, located in Conche di Codevigo, in the hinterland of the province of Padua on the border with the province of Venice.

The company is surrounded by the classic landscape of the Venetian lagoon and its facilities overlook the stretch of water characteristic of Venice, where boat trips are the basis of a tourism devoted to the discovery of the many islands of the lagoon.

The “ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020” project idea comes from the consolidated experience in the field of a group of professionals who have been working for years to implement a large-scale program aimed at the development of a new concept of agriculture.

The professionalism and technical knowledge of Società Agricola Serenissima s.s. shareholders allowed to lay the foundations of a sustainable and innovative agriculture project, where ecology and environmental protection move hand in hand with production development.

The project includes the construction of an agricultural greenhouse for intensive growing of microalgae in fresh / sea water with a syngas production plant and organic farming of chickens and pigs outdoors.

Uses and characteristics of the product resulting from the cultivation of microalgae have been scientifically documented by distinguished researchers of unquestioned international fame.
Studies carried out on this product have allowed us to ascertain both the countless applications of micro-algae in the food chain and the resulting benefits to the body. The micro-algae Spirulina (arthorospira platensis) is in fact an irreplaceable dietary supplement. But this product is also used on a large scale in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The extraction process of the cultivated algal biomass produces a dry substance of very high quality, for which the following uses may be provided:

  • production of quality fertilizers
  • enrichment of livestock feed
  • organic matrix for anaerobic digestion plants
  • palletizable biomass for combustion

“ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM 2020” however, is the father of the concepts of innovation and development applied to a zero environmental impact production. This concept is extremely important at this particular moment in history, in which global demand is growing steadily and there are many questions about how food production can really be environmentally sustainable.
The project involves the activation of a large farm of organic, free-range chicken grown without stress and in application of the most modern methods in the field of poultry production.

The construction of a biomass cogeneration unit is used to produce the electricity needed to operate the systems, illuminate, heat and cool the company buildings, including the premises used for the growth of breeding chicks.
The biomass plant does not discharge the CO2 produced by the syngas combustion into the environment, as it is blown in the pipes of the algae production system.

The European Commission has awarded the project for the theme pursued: high technology alongside sustainable productivity and certain, tangible results.

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