Il Progetto Ecologic Green Farm 2020

The Project

The project idea comes from the consolidated
experience in the field of a group of professionals
who have been working for years to implement
a large-scale program aimed at the development
of a new concept of agriculture...

FARM 2020
Produzione Alga Spirulina


One of the products included in the project is the SPIRULINA,
an aquatic microalgae rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and
fatty acids. The product stands out among food supplements
thanks to its certified properties, beneficial to the body...

Aquatic microalgae:
miraculous properties

Centro Sperimentale di Pollicoltura

Organic Farming

The concept of organic farming of animals is more than ever
a modern idea in the food production chain as it is the
conceptual fusion of wellness in animal growth and quality of
the meat produced...

Free-range Organic
Chicken Farm

European Union LogoProject in collaboration with the European Union thanks to funding from the program of research and innovation of the ‘ EU Horizon 2020 (grant agreement n.683515).
Project awarded to the recognized excellence innovative , environmental impact , quality and efficiency of the application.


The use of products supplied naturally from the earth and the recycling of organic products is a primary goal of our company.


The biocompatibility is a must for the farm of the new millennium, working and living in touch with nature.


Biodegradable materials, respect of the products supplied by Mother Earth is a continuous active commitment towards the green economy must be a duty.


The continuous research of natural foods essential for humans, consistent with its biorhythms and the ongoing study are the basis of our mission.

Eco-logic Green Farm 2020

Our Eco-logic Partners

Fotosintetica & Microbiologica S.r.l.
Labomar S.r.l.
Centro Studi Pollicultura di Lendinara
Fattoria alle Origini

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